1. SBI has announced process for recruitment of 2986 vacancies of Probationary Officers (POs) in Five Associate Banks of SBI.      2. Exam will be conducted On-line in November-2014.      3. Minimum Qualification is "Any Graduation".      4. View full details/advertisement from our site under 'Downloads'. You may also visit SBI website www.sbi.co.in under 'Careers with us' and 'Recruitment of Probationary Officers in Associate Bank of SBI (2014-15)'.      5. Contact us for assistance in registration and preparing for the exam. Call (022) 42918181 (100 Lines).      6. Our Courses will also prepare you for IBPS Common Written Exam (CWE Clerks-IV) for Recruitment of more than 30,000 Clerical Cadre vacancies in 19 Nationalised Banks (Exam in December-2014).      7. Our courses also include preparation for ensuing Clerical Cadre Recruitment Exam of SBI and Associate Banks of SBI and PO Recruitment Exam of SBI and IBPS-CWE for Nationalised Banks.      8. You can Register Online for our Course/s on our site (www.passbankexam.com) or contact us on (022) 42918181 (100 Lines).      9. Contact us on (022) 42918181 (100 Lines) for Free Seminar and Demo Lectures.
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